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There's nothing particularly subtle about Below Sycamore #1. The comic definitely wears its heart on its sleeve, but Medina, 3858 and Kern work together to create a really compelling first issue. Their characters feel like normal, everyday people which makes the frightening situations they find themselves in all the more emotionally intense. Readers looking for solid crime fiction with a paranormal twist or a thoughtful exploration of addiction's impact on communities will be delighted by the first issue of Below Sycamore.



Below Sycamore had a respectable theater run in San Francisco before writer Daniel Medina developed greater ambitions to create a feature-length film based on his play….

“There are 40 million people battling addiction out there who don’t have any decent content,” says Medina. “They don’t have a show—not a good one, not one that talks about recovery. Something that gives them any kind of hope. So there are some economic things there as well.”

“We had some frustrations in trying to get some sort of foot in the door on some initial meetings for him on this adapted play,’’ says Dorsky. “At the time, there was not a lot of budget being thrown around for a new development project.”

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We sit down with Daniel Medina, creator of Below Sycamore, a graphic novel that tackles the parasitic nature of addiction with collaborators Danny Trejo and Mr.Criminal. He tells us how his own tribulations led him to this amazing project.



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