Below Sycamore

Dive headfirst into the dark underbelly of urban life with Below Sycamore, a graphic novel born from the gritty imagination of D.A. Medina. This narrative unfolds the deep bond between two friends amidst a backdrop where demonic entities and street turmoil are commonplace. With backing from Danny Trejo, Mr. Criminal, Eric Bobo, Reverie, Justin Bua, David Avocado Wolfe and many others. Below Sycamore reveals a haunting yet enthralling tale that navigates the thin veil between visible urban chaos and the unseen dark forces, providing a stark exploration of human resilience and the undying spirit of friendship. Sure, I can help you phrase that.

Below Sycamore proudly donates 10% of its profits to El Camino Angolo, a free rehabilitation project committed to aiding those in need.